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Restore the natural proportions to your facial appearance
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The Winski Center for Cosmetic Surgery is located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, NY in Orange County in the town of Goshen.  Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Francis Winski has many years of experience in cosmetic surgery procedures such as Breast enhancement or implants, breast reduction, breast alignment, lift, augmentation, Tummy tuck, abdomen, body contouring, male breast reduction, eye lifts, eyebrow lifts, facelifts, ear shaping, neck lift, nose job, rhinoplasty, cheek and chin implants.  Dr. Winski also offers many in office procedures for cosmetic enhancements such as botox, juverderm, cellulaze, smartlipo, microlaser peel, radiesse, tattoo removal, profractal laser treatment, skintyte, skulptra, facial veins and more.  Contact us for more information on your desired treatment to see if cosmetic surgery is right for you.   
Ear Shaping and 
Earlobe Repair

​Are your ears deformed or protruding? Are your earlobes stretched or torn? Wearing your hair long to cover your ears? If you are self conscious about your ears, then cosmetic surgery may be the solution for you.

Otoplasty, the surgical reshaping of the ears, is a common procedure used to reshape the ear, reduce overly large ears, "pin" prominent ears closer to the head, and/or to repair stretched or torn earlobes.

Reshaping and/or repairing your ears can restore the natural proportions to your facial appearance, and perhaps even give you the confidence for that short haircut you have been dreaming of!

​Nothing to hide!
If your ears are making you want to hide - call The Winski Center for Cosmetic Surgery at 845-294-3312 to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Winski.

In your consultation, you'll learn what your surgical options are, and what results to expect. Don't wait any longer, call today!