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a smooth fresh look

We can easily eliminate your unwanted hair and give you a smooth, beautiful appearance.

Our Sciton® ClearScan™ system employs high-speed advanced technology that automates your treatment and eliminates your hair in a very short time with maximum comfort. We treat all skin types, including tanned skin. Common areas of hair removal include legs, arms, face, back, thighs, bikini area.

Understanding that there are three phases of hair growth—Anagen (active), Catagen (regression) and Telogen (resting), multiple sessions of Laser Hair Removal are necessary to eliminate future hair growth. Laser technology is designed to treat hair in the Anagen phase. Between your appointments some of the hair will grow as it cycles through the various phases. Hairs that may have been dormant during your previous Laser Hair Removal session may now be active. This is why you will need a series of treatments, so that hair can be targeted as it moves into the growth phase. During the Laser Hair Removal process, laser-focused beams of concentrated light penetrate the outer layers of skin directly into the hair follicles below. The laser light transforms into heat, which effectively destroys the follicle.

Results vary regarding the number of, time in between and duration of treatment time. There are many factors that contribute to the level of treatment required for the Laser Hair Removal process. Factors like age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medication and metabolism can influence hair growth and play a role in the location, thickness and resilience of your hair. During your consultation, Dr. Winski will assess your individual skin type and other factors that may affect treatment. Generally, at least six Laser Hair Removal sessions with six week intervals is recommended for most.

The Winski Center for Cosmetic Surgery is located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, NY in Orange County in the town of Goshen.  Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Francis Winski has many years of experience in cosmetic surgery procedures such as Breast enhancement or implants, breast reduction, breast alignment, lift, augmentation, Tummy tuck, abdomen, body contouring, male breast reduction, eye lifts, eyebrow lifts, facelifts, ear shaping, neck lift, nose job, rhinoplasty, cheek and chin implants.  Dr. Winski also offers many in office procedures for cosmetic enhancements such as botox, juverderm, cellulaze, smartlipo, microlaser peel, radiesse, tattoo removal, profractal laser treatment, skintyte, skulptra, facial veins and more.  Contact us for more information on your desired treatment to see if cosmetic surgery is right for you.