Because you brought sunlight into my sadness,
Because you gave me back a pleasant reflection,
Because of your gentleness and generosity
I thank you-
         - Barbara

Thank you for being so understanding and doing such a beautiful job on my surgery. The results are so much better than I ever expected!
         - Ronnie 

I couldn’t have asked for a more caring and competent doctor. Your medical skill was exceeded only by the personal concern you showed to me before and following surgery. I am so very grateful to you. Your site supervisor and staff, have caught your caring heart-spirit- they are wonderful too.  You were all, so excellent at explaining procedures to me.  Best of all, none of you minimized my anxiety. 
Thank you for your patience. Thank you too, for your extraordinary skills and for the high priority you and your staff placed on professional excellence. 
I feel very blessed, to have been served by all of you. May God bless you all with an extra measure of his love. 
          - Laurie 

Thank you for being so kind and considerate during my Hospital stay and office visits. You are a great doctor – personality wise and Doctor - wise. I would recommend you .
          - Eve 

Many thanks for the small miracle you made.  It has given me a new lease on life, when there was no hope. Great Job!
         - Anita 

Once again I want to thank you for the beautiful work you did.  I am so happy with the results.  What a difference in ones life a few “Nips and Tucks” can do for your body.
         - Linda 

It’s probably not very often a patient sends you a Thank You note but, I just had to write and let you know what a wonderful job you did with my reconstruction, that I bounced back quickly, and I thank you for your support and being very informative. I am gratful for everyone who recommended you and knew I was in good hands. I felt very comfortable which is important.
        - Cheryl 

I would like to thank you,  I am very happy with the result of all your work, in which you removed a bump from the left part of my face and two bumps from the back of my neck. Throughout the years, you have tremendously aided me in removing these less-than-pleasant features. Continue your excellent work in assisting people in their journeys to create their most perfect and confident selves. 
       - Maureen 

Even though my “new” nose is still swollen – I love it! Between that and my new “eyes” I feel so much better about myself.  Thank you so much for giving me back a feeling of confidence and making me into a new woman.
       - Linda 

They call you a surgeon, but you are really a magician!  Thank you so much for making me feel normal.
       - Diane 

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for treating my troublesome varicose veins in my legs.  I appreciate your valuable time and attention to detail. Looking forward to enjoying, an active lifestyle without painful legs!
Also a big thank you to your wonderful staff for all their dedication and professionalism!
       - Karen 

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been a little over a year since my breast reduction surgery. I wanted you to know that things have settled into place, scars have healed and I am very please with the results. Most of all I am rid of the life-long neck, shoulder and back pain. 
I wanted to thank you Dr. Winski, the surgery has made my life a lot better, I am so glad I listened to the massage therapist/nurse, who recommended you and said “Dr Winski’s sutures are the finest I’ve ever seen in the operating room”. I don’t mind if you show this letter as a testimonial, it’s the least I can do for you since you took the pain out of my life. 
        - Jaye 

Thanks for all you guys did – I love my arms! Will be having my eyes done soon….. partly so I can still come see your all!
        - Mary

Thank you so much for all that you did before, during and after my surgery. I love my results, you guys did a great job.
Thank you for changing my life in such a wonderful way!
       - Debra 

Just two small words to express so much gratitude.  Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me!! Your patience and professional manner helped me make my decision to have surgery.  I feel wonderful!!
        - Lily 

The stone on the pen signifies compassion, a quality you possess in abundance.
        - Libby 

Excellence is a rare quality in today’s world, a quality however that you very obviously Possess!
        - Siobahn 

Thanks A Bunch! You’re the best Sculptor in Town! Thanks for my improvements, they’re GRRRREAT! 
        - Micaela

I am writing this letter of testimony of what an amazing and talented surgeon you are.  After receiving a bilateral mastopexy and a breast augmentation, I am very pleased to say the least! After having a child, I was highly insecure with the changes of my body. It defiantly took the best of me and I let it get in the way of many things in my life.   I spoke with my mother, who quickly recommended you, Dr. Winski to be my surgeon. She had a beautiful eye lift done by you several years ago. She was recommended to you by my father, the late Dr. Leonard Pallor, who also referred many patients to you.  
I am so pleased and so content with my new body. My modeling career has since rocketed and I now feel so comfortable in my own skin. Thanks to your amazing work, the chain of recommendations will continue. I highly recommend you!
Thank you. Dr. Winski, for your amazing work, and most importantly for making me feel beautiful!
        - Leah 

I would like to thank you for your professionalism, dedication and skill in making my surgery a success. I was always uneasy with the fact that I had to keep coming in and taking up your time when we ran into a problem, but you took your time with me, you never rushed me, you listened to me, you let me ask you a million questions and the way you handled the situation gave me great confidence in your skill and expertise. You made me feel that this surgery was as important to you as it was to me. Your honesty, kindness and patience with me did not go unnoticed and I thank you for that! 
         - Sharon